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Green Hills Plastic Surgery - Skin Care

Our staff is available to coordinate all your skin care needs. We will expertly assist you with the rejuvenation of your skin by performing the following services:


Signature Facelift Peel - great for rosacea, dry and dehydrated skin

Wrinkle Lift Peel - potent anti-aging properties that repair and reduce fine lines and gives you visibly tighter skin

Lightening Lift Peel - an effective lightening peel that helps correct melasma, sun spots and post pregnancy mask

Acne Lift Peel - deeply clears clogged pores and eliminates excess oil while exfoliating dead cells

 Medium Depth Peels

ZO Medical 3 Step Peel - medically treats various skin conditions of acne, wrinkles, fine lines, skin pigmentation, and sun damage

ZO Stimulator Peel - mild peel for all skin types. Stimulates epidermal turnover, reduces comedogenic acne, smooths and evens skin tone, minimizes fine lines and leaves skin calm without irritation


a controlled wound that stimulates collagen, elastin and growth factors. Great for fine lines, scars, pigmentation changes,  and stretch marks.

We offer a variety of physician-grade skin care products as well as BOTOX®, Juvederm®, and Radiesse® to help soften those persistent facial wrinkles and restore youthful volume to the face. 

Appointments for consultation or treatments are flexible, please call us at (615) 327-7407 or click on the appointment tab to schedule an appointment.